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Invitation to Participate in Dissertation: Impact of the Supervisor's Education and License on the Professional Identity and Self-Efficacy of the Post-Graduate, Pre-Licensure Counselor in the Rocky Mountain Region

01 Aug 2012 9:30 PM | Anonymous

Dear University,

 I am a doctoral student at Argosy University working on my dissertation. My dissertation title is the Impact of the Supervisor's Education and License on the Professional Identity and Self-Efficacy of the Post-Graduate, Pre-Licensure Counselor in the Rocky Mountain Region.

I am hoping to find counselors that are in the licensure process to take my survey. I am requesting your assistance in forwarding this email, which includes the Consent form with information for the participants, and the link to the survey.

I am requesting this email be forwarded to graduates of your counseling program who graduated Fall of 2009-Summer 2011. I appreciate any help you are willing to provide.

Thank you,

Bita Rivas
Argosy Denver Doctoral Candidate for the CES Program

Thank you in advance for your assistance in my data collection process. Please copy and paste the below form to your graduates in counseling from Fall 2009 through Summer 2011. Thank you



Consent Form

Dear Counselor,

You are cordially invited to participate in a research study. The purpose of this research study is to explore self-efficacy and professional identity of post-graduate, pre-licensure counselors as a result of supervision. This research study is part of my dissertation. You are being asked to participate because I am looking for former students to complete this survey. If you participate in this research, you will be asked to complete a survey.

Your participation will take approximately 15 minutes.

Your participation in this research is strictly voluntary. You may refuse to participate at all, or choose to stop your participation at any point in the research, without fear of penalty or negative consequences of any kind.

The information/data you provide for this research will be treated confidentially, and all raw data will be kept in a secured file by the principal investigator. Results of the research will be reported as aggregate summary data only, and no individually identifiable information will be presented.

You also have the right to review the results of the research if you wish to do so. A copy of the results may be obtained by contacting the principal investigator at the address below:

Bita Ashouri Rivas
7600 E. Eastman Ave. 3rd Floor
Denver, CO. 80231

There will be no direct or immediate personal benefits from your participation in this research.

I understand that this research study has been reviewed and Certified by the Institutional Review Board, Argosy University, Denver. For research-related problems or questions regarding participants' rights, you can contact Argosy’s Institutional Board at 7600 E. Eastman Ave., 3rd floor, Denver, CO 80231.

I have read and understand the information explaining the purpose of this research and my rights and responsibilities as a participant. My clicking the link below and completion of the online survey designates my consent to participate in this research study, according to the terms and conditions outlined above.

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